Mp4 Chapters Not Displaying

My chapters are not displaying. I created an mp4 file for my podcast, extracted ep001.chapters.txt using, and uploaded it to my directory. The chapters file contains the following text:

CHAPTER00NAME=Introduction to Miles Ahead Podcast
CHAPTER01NAME=Discovering the World of Miles and Points
CHAPTER02NAME=Benefits for All Travelers
CHAPTER03NAME=Deep Dive into Travel Rewards
CHAPTER04NAME=Join the Frugal Flyer Community
CHAPTER05NAME=Subscribe and Stay Updated

Any idea why this isnt working as intended? Would be nice not to have to manually do chapters…

They are supposed to be displayed on this episode:


Podlove can’t interpret that format, use the MP4Chap format instead. According to the thin documentation, Subtler can import that format as well, so I guess exporting it like that will work, too.

That is the only format available from Subler it seems. Is there any other program or easy way to export the mp4chaps txt file from an mp4 file?

Looks like Subler is at least able to read the mp4chaps format:

You can use the original mp4chaps tool to extract the chapters data. Or use something like this: chaptertool - manage chapters for podcasts, webvtt, youtube, mkv and ffmpeg