My feed, new?

I have podlove Publisher install on domain and wordpress. I have recently been using acast and they have redirected my feed from my domain. Now I want my feed back, but it’s a bit slow for them. Can I create a new feed on the podlove panel but I get problems with my show and how do I create a new feed, just add some character/word. my feed to day:

Hi HasseB,

could you pleaser describe in more detail and/or screenshots what’s happening where and what you’re trying to achieve? That would be great!

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I wonder if I can create a new feed for my episode in podlove on my domain in wordpress in the panel for podlove also if I can supplement my existing feed with extra characters. I have had my podcast with acast and asked them to redirect my show to my domain but it is a bit slow for them to fix it. That’s why I’m wondering if I can create a new feed or supplement my feed without destroying my episodes with different podcast players like apple podcast, google etc

Right now redirects to – you have to disable this redirect, which is probably configured in your webserver (e.g. nginx/openresty) or talk to your webhoster.

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Hi, sorry I haven’t replied. I have solved by creating a new feed. It was that simple. But thanks for the help.

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