My podcast artwork is not showing!

Hello guys!!

I’ve uploaded my podcast on itunes on the 14th of March, 2018.
The original podcast was uploaded on a different online podcast platform(Its called podbbang, a Korean podcast platform). I dragged the rss feed they provided me with, which is -
" " .

The podcast was synced successfully, however the cover artwork will not show.
The weird part is though, I CAN SEE the artwork ONLY if I press subscribe and go to the library.
Only then can I see my podcast artwork. I’ve tried to view my artwork from my phone, my laptop, from a different person’s phone and laptop using different apple IDs. Results are all same. Artwork is now shown on itunes podcast store list nor from its url page.

This is the podcast url:철학에-가까워지는-방법-철가방입니다/id1358553974

I’ve emailed Apple but the reply was as follows:
“Upon initial review, I have unable to pull up your feed in Firefox. All we’re able to see is a blank white screen. Please reach out to your host, and confirm your Podcast is available, and viewable.”

If I press my rss feed, it’s true that nothing shows up.
However this is the same for other itunes podcast using the same host as mine.
(I know this because I’ve used an online rss feed abstracting site)

I cannot figure out the problem.

My artwork is 1400X1400, 182kb, and in a PNG format.


this is a forum for users of Podlove Publisher, a WordPress plugin for podcasting. If I understand you correctly, you are not using it.

In any case, the URL does not exist so it cannot possibly work.