New Artwork & Summary Not Updating

I updated my new podcast title, artwork and summary in PodLove, but only the new title is showing as updated in iTunes.

I’m going through FeedBurner. Have tried using my website’s feed URL directly, but iTunes doesn’t like it.

Feedburner feed:
My website feed:
iTunes link:

Here is the error message I get when I try to use my own feed: leads me to Seems like a FeedBurner feed will be used either way. By the way: I (or even we) don’t recommend using FeedBurner - especially not with features like Smart Cast.

If you are referring to then this might be in vain because of the forwarding? Did you try using the direct Podlove feed without any redirects?

I only just started the forwarding in hopes it would work. I’ve always used feedburner, though because when I try using my podlove feed, I get the errors in the photo above.