New Podcast Meta Information Not Saving

I’ve read some posts here and on GitHub about this issue but haven’t found a resolution yet. When I create a new EPISODE I’m unable to save any of the META information for the episode below the WordPress post, for the episode number, name, description, slug, etc. None of my entries there are writing to MySQL in the wp_podlove_episode table.

It’s been almost a year since I posted a new podcast episode… I’m wondering if there is some kind of upgrade wizard for the database I can find and run to fix this?

I successfully added the new column (which I read about being required now) with this mySQL query / command in phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE wp_podlove_episode ADD COLUMN soundbite_title VARCHAR(255)

However, even though I can see that the column exists in the table, I’m not able to save any meta information in a new EPISODE.

I did have completely empty / NULL rows in my wp_podlove_episode table, which I deleted manually. Now, however, the plugin doesn’t seem to be writing any thing to that mySQL table.

I did learn what NOT to do in this case, and that is DELETE your Podlove Publisher plugin, and simply re-install. Fortunately, I first verified i have a recent full BackupBuddy backup, of my database and WordPress site. Deleting Podlove Publisher and reinstalling deleted a ton of my past posts / episodes, so I had to do a full restore of my WordPress and database.

Please let me know suggestions on what I can do to fix this. I’m running WordPress 5.9.3, Podlove Podcast Publisher 5.8…1. Server PHP version is 7.3.

I also posted this on the following closed issue, with my system debug report over on GitHub. (Parent issue link)

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