Newbe: Web Player how to enable "related episodes" tab?

I am on Web Player 5. I can not find a checkbox to enable this tab. What do i need to do to get all episodes (1-15; when total is 15) listed on a player for e.g. episode #10?

You can enable it in Settings > Podlove Web Player > Config:

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 19.10.19

Oh, how could i miss that… thanks.

…stop, wait. Why is this like a playlist that instantly plays the selected episode and on the end of an episode it starts the next episode?
I expect that a click on one list item brings the user to the episode page of that episode.

However, I can only select the last 25 episodes of a show to be displayed there, not the actualy related ones. Is this feature missing or am I holding it wrong? Thanks!

Nope it works as designed. There is a Publisher feature called “Related Episodes”. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy integration available without a tight connection between the plugins.