Not every episode is listed in spotify or apple but in the Dashboard!


i am using Podlove Publisher 2.8.9 on my own server/webspace.
I am having trouble that not every of my episodes is listed on Spotify or Apple. Links below.

I can not really reconstruct when an episode is listed and when not. I think i am doing the same thing every time. In my dashboard it is listed correctly and in the web player i can listen to all episodes.

Can someone help me debugging?
Thanks lot.


These are the Links:

Apple Podcast:
Website: dashboard

Some of you episodes are missing a guid. Did you create episodes in a non-standard way? They should be created automatically.

But there is some UI to regenerate them manually in the episode form.


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Hello Eric,
I updated the episodes (GUID and clicked refresh), but they still dont show up. Maybe it takes some time.
But could it be a different problem?


Is that a new issue? Because yes, it can take some time. But only “hours”, not “months” :slight_smile:

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haha, my bad. I will wait some hours :slight_smile:
I also updated everything. Hope it will work out :slight_smile:

cheers Phil

day has passed an it is still not showing the first 3 episodes.
can someone has clue for me?

Hey there,

I am really struggling here. In the meanwhile I reuploaded the missing episodes. But when I upload episodes older episodes are missing. What is happening, and what am I doing wrong?

I hope someone can me give some advice.

thank you

Have you checked with that the feed is technically valid?

If it is and the episodes do not appear, you can contact iTunes support as well.

Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out again.
the feed seems to be technically okay. (the cover art ist 1KB (!!!1) too big. But i think that does not matter.

I really have a question mark above my head. :confused:

Just to be sure, you can easily reduce the size with a tool like :slight_smile: