Offline use of Podlove Webplayer

I am in the process of creating a private podcast interviewing my family members with the intention to distribute it to my extended family. Due to it not being of interest to the public and private nature I would like to distribute it offline via USB stick.
I could just dump the audio file onto it, but I would really love to make use chapter marks, transcripts, etc. Since the player only relies on HTML and JS and no database or webserver is needed, I would like to embed it into a static webpage.

What do I need to make the Web Player offline capable?

I played around with the Playground/Sandbox in the documentation and replaced the audio and files URL with one in file:/// format, but I am getting the error

Network Issue

Couldn’t load the audio files from the server. Maybe you don’t have connectivity to the internet or the host is not available.

Is it even possible what I am trying to achieve? Are there any docs or threads covering this? Googling and searching the forum here let me come out empty.

Thanks in advance for your insight,

Not really, your browser API doesn’t have access to your local file system for security reasons. You need to provide it as a httpish resource or you could try to provide it inline and use createObjectURL · WebPlatform Docs to funnel it into the web player.