Only latest episode shown in podcatchers

Hey there,

I’m using podlove publisher to host two podcasts. One has been working fine for almost 4 years now, the other one I’ve started a couple months ago and has a problem. Only the latest episode is visible in podcatchers. The feed itself looks fine to me, and feed checkers are also not throwing any errors. The feed is hidden from iTunes etc but publicly visible if you now the url (it’s a members only podcast).

I’ve tried reinstalling podlove, running repairs, etc.

The setup is super simple. No caching or anything involved. I’ve tried with multiple podcatchers, same problem with all of them.

Has anybody any idea what could be the problem?

best regards

Which podcatchers?

I’ve tried a couple and my subscribers as well. Overcast, Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, and many more. Always the same problem.