Player is not showing up on Windows

Dear Community,

I am using Podlover Publisher for some time now without any problems - thanks for that. Anyhow, since the latest version (3.1.0) I discovered that the player is not showing up on my Podcast-Pages (e.g. - but only on Windows (10). It works on my smartphone (iPhone) and on iOs.

Are you aware of the problem or, more likely, did I do something wrong setting up the page?


Can you share some more details. What Browser are you using? Are there any content blockers installed (e.g. Adblockers, ScriptBlockers, …)?

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Yes, of course, and thx for your reply. I am using the latest Version of Mozilla Firefox, Adblocker is turned off on my Page. Also I can see the Player showing up for less than a second - then it disappears.