Please include json chapters as an episode assets in Publisher

Please include json chapters files as episode assets in Podlove Publisher, as you already defined here:

An alternative can be that when creating an episode, that the Chapter Marks section can import json chapters files.


After reading and looking around, it turns out that I can do it myself. On Wordpress, go to Expert settings → File Types. Select “Add New” and at the next screen I added the following:

Name: Podlove json Chapter
File: chapters
MIME Type: application/json
Extension: json

Everything seems to be working as I was expecting.

Podlove Publisher is really powerful. Thanks!

Just a side question, @JYEStudio : How can I generate a chapter json file? I guess, Auphonic does this, at least I think I read that somewhere. But can it be generated without Auphonic as well?

I don’t know about Auphonics. I made my own tool to create json files, which in the end are text files. The specification to create chapters disappeared from Podlove website (or at least I don’t know where is it now). Here is an example on how a simple chapter .json file looks like with only timestamps and chapter titles:

  "start": "00:00:00.000",
  "title": "Inicio"
  "start": "00:00:44.500",
  "title": "Noticias"
  "start": "00:04:28.000",
  "title": "Informe de Sismicidad"
  "start": "00:06:02.000",
  "title": "Pronóstico del Tiempo para el Fin de Semana"
  "start": "00:08:32.000",
  "title": "Anuncios adicionales y despedida"

You can see how it looks here: jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2022 – Repaso Noticioso

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the information!

Yes, the spec page has dissappeared and it is a bit irritating to me as lots of sources that talk about the format refer to the page that is gone. I would have thought that someone would have looked into this by now.

Is that the whole file that you posted? Or is there something else needed to start and end an official json chapter file?

And regarding the tool: is that available somewhere? What is the input?

That’s the whole file. For it to work with Podlove, the file name must be the same “slug” and ending with json extension.

I made the tool myself, tailored to my specific needs. I might be able to modify it and cleaned it so I can share it with you, but please note that I write code using a tool called “LabVIEW”. It is an uncommon tool and you will need to install a RunTime Engine first in your Windows computer to be able to use it. Let me know if that’s OK.

The part about the slug is clear to me and I’ve understood already what you wrote above so that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for clarifying the file structure to me. I don’t think I’ll need your tool for that then and will be able to come up with my own process chain. But thanks for the offer! And the overall insight into the matter.

I am glad you got your answer and that I was able to help you. I wish you success in your project!

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Greetings again! Just to let you know that I just found some documentation (the structure) about chapters json file here:


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