Please make the subscribe button much more visible

Today it took me several minutes and 3 tries until i found a way to subscribe to the podcast of on my iPhone.

I simply couldn’t recognize this to be the subscribe button:

Plus: When viewed mobile, the subscribe button was at the very end of a long page.

While you could blame the website owner to have such a distracting colorful logo, I still wish to have something more “visible”, both in terms of copy as well as colors/icons.

So my suggestion is:

Improve the subscribe button to make it much easier to find on a page.

This may include:

  • No logo, just a button

  • A more direct copy like “Subscribe to the Podcast”

  • A larger button

  • More visible colors

  • A Podcast icon

button placement depends if n your theme. not much we can do about that.

The Subscribe Button does feature a podcast logo

Button size is configurable as are its colors. the podcast image is optional.

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