Plugin overrode my website permalink - permanently

Hi! I used the Publisher and Web player plugins just to see how they work. I already have a podcast on my website and host the episodes on [domain]/podcast.

I uninstalled the Plugin after looking at it and found out that I am now no longer able to integrate my old podcast site under the URL [domain]/podcast. This URL now redirects to my start page.

There seems to be a permanent override that now needs to be disabled. How do I do this? I work with Wordpress Themes and am not familiar enough with databases or htaccess files to confidently make any changes there.

Thank you!

You can go to WordPress Settings > Permalinks and click save (without changing anything). That should fix it.

WordPress caches Permalinks/routes and they are not always refreshed as one would expect.

Hi! Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately not. It still redirects to my top level domain; the permalink “podcast” is not accepted.

Coming back to this, could you please tell me what exactly the plugin does to override/claim the permalink? This way I could try to get the help I need. Podlove has created a serious problem for me by breaking all existing links to my podcast website.

Thank you!

The Publisher registers a Custom Post Type called “podcast”, for which WordPress automatically registers URLs with the /podcast/ prefix. All of this is URL stuff is managed by WordPress. Disabling/Uninstalling the Publisher plugin and resetting the permalinks as I explained above should restore it as before. The plugin does not change any database values or other lasting configurations concerning permalinks.

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