Podcast app doesn't show Podlove summaries

In iTunes, the summary that I published with the Podlove plugins show up as the episode description. In the Podcast app, it pulls the entire “episode” post instead of the summary.


Can you give us a link to the podcast you refer to?

On iTunes: http://BeckyLMcCoy.com/Podcast

On my blog: http://beckylmccoy.com/category/stories-of-unfolding-grace/

Your podcast site only links to the iTunes store and for unclear reasons the podcast seems to be listed in the US store only. So it is not subscribable from other countries (you should change that)…

Can you provide me the podcast feed URL?

If you have updated to the latest version of the Podlove Publisher, I would encourage you to use the Podlove Subscribe Button that makes subscribing much easier.

Strange - I will change it to international. That certainly wasn’t intentional.

The feed is feeds.feedburner.com/storiesofunfoldinggrace