Podcast Index namespace support

I wonder if any people here have any though on the namespace enhancements that are being suggested over by the Podcast Index guys?

I am trying to understand if and how podlove could be enhanced. I know it is fairly trivial to add values into the wordpress database, with a text box. Personally I think the namespace values should minimally be contained in the mp3 tags, this will allow for portability between podcast hosts. And if it is in the mp3 tags, it would be a lot of repetition to then re-enter them into podlove too. So it would be desirable to have podlove poll the mp3 and extract the relevant values out and populate them, a bit like how the duration is done at the moment.

Any way that is just a thought. Any one else have any views or comments on how these or any other extra features that might come to podlove out of this work?

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Could you specifiy which of the new tags you would prefer to get implemented first?

Well I was hoping to get more for a feel where podlove support is going, if any where.

However personally I really want to see the podcast:location tag implemented and search by location getting enabled, however it is a long long path to having the eco system populated enough to make it worth while, this website has the idea, but is curated:

But in a realistic short term i think the podcast:locked should be there, it has started popping up
in other places.

podcast:role would be really interesting done right, searching by person would be great, but that also would have a long way to go before being populated.

And checkout the podcast:soundbite, an interesting idea for a “trailer” for your podcast, from your podcast file. Trailers do exist but they are usually a separately hosted file.

I may look into adding initial support myself as a module

Hi @Andi, hi @mavek,

I am a Bitcoin podcaster using Podlove.
I would love to have the “valueType” and “valueRecipient” tags implemented in the feed. Those are needed for “streaming money” payments over the bitcoin lightning network.

Here is a demonstration of how this looks like for the listener by Adam Curry https://noagendaassets.com/enc/1604765615.522_podcasting2.0lightning.mp4

Here is an example integration:

This is a huge step forward for the independent podcaster space. It would be fantastic, if Podlove is implementing the tags. I would love to be one one the first podcasters worldwide to integrate the payment possibility in my podcast.


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Yes, podcast:role and soundbite are also very interesting.

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Hi, just want to drop in and say that I’m open to adopting the podcast namespace. Keep your requests coming, it’s helpful to know which tags are wanted.


I have started work on adding support for some tags with a module.

So far i have only added locked, funding and value.

They are all podcast level tags, not episode level.

All the values are being added from the main module page. It is already at breaking point, next step would be to move to its own tab. I am not a html/css guru so that is not really an area i have a lot of experience in. Need to study up.

Is there an approved way of supplying out of plugin modules, like this one, that can survive the main plugin update?

I was passing the directory in as a link from another area and in my wordpress install it erased the plugin and didn’t add the new one. I found the directory still there on the server with only that link directory and nothing else.

I have had a issue reporting I am not too sure how to fix.

To add new tags I need to add an extra line for the xmlns tag. Is there a function in the podlove module space to add a line like this with all the other xmlns tags in the rss feed?

I am woefully unfamilar with the wordpress actions space. I falsely assumed this was an action that was exposed only via the podlove plugin. Any way after careful study I found

add_action('rss2_ns' ...

this does exactly what is required. So the issue reported by podbooker has been addressed.

Here is an official list of supported podcast plattforms, which understand this namespace: https://podcastindex.org/apps

Looking forward also when this namespace is supported at podlove. I´ve created an issue: https://github.com/podlove/podlove-publisher/issues/1166

I like the Podcastindex initiative, at the very least at its core. I’m not too sure yet if I like their approach when it comes to chapters support. I don’t know if adding another file to my workflow is more efficient than just adding the information to my RSS feed. If Podlove or my DAW could generate that file for me, things would stay as easy as they are now though. And: Sometimes it’s better to have a not 100% awesome standard than having no real standard at all.

I was looking at chapters last night and has exactly the same observation. However the guys over there are looking for input on the topic. That is why I brought up the topic here, as I felt if there were people who might have back end experience of what they were suggesting there, could help guide the conversation.

In lieu of that, the bridge might be, that podlove does chapters the way it does, they are individual entries of time indexes recorded in to MySQL and then they can get placed in the form podcastIndex is suggesting as separate feed generated by the wordpress install, so the transition could be managed under the hood.

My goal, which isn’t captured here or there, is that all information, what ever it ends up being, gets placed inside the mp3 tags of the individual podcasts. Then what ever tool or hoster you use will just populate from that, that way one would have maximum portability. That problem isn’t solved, or started with podlove, maybe a plugin to audacity (for example), but when ready, podlove could be a link in the chain for reading from that and then populating its own values.

When the Publisher supports podcastindex chapters, this will be created automatically.

But I have to say this currently (https://github.com/Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace/blob/main/chapters/jsonChapters.md#more-complex-example) looks like they’re trying to put way too much in there. The stated goal of “provide a way for this file to exist more easily in a web context for something like an embedded HTML5 player on a website” suggests that what they want is a JSON representation of the whole feed.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in and say that it won’t be necessary for the podcaster to manage that chapters file separately.

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I’m glad to read that. :+1:

Looks like you have to start giving them some feedback. Chapters are said to be a German thing after all. Therefore they might want to know what you have to say. :wink:

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