Podcast language and episode language


I noticed that is possible to define a language for the podcast. However, since it’s not possible to create multiple podcasts or series of podcasts, I was wondering if it was possible to define a “language” for the episodes and get that information using something like {{ episode.language }}

Also, I was wondering if in the same way, was possible to get the podcast language (something like {{ podcast.language }}.

Many thanks in advance.

  • Miguel

AFAIK this is currently not possible although it would be possible to add this to the feed. Don’t expect too many podcast apps (if any) to honor this setting in any way.

What is your usage scenario for this feature? You are the first one to ask IIRC.


I’m implementing a site/blog where I’m going to share several podcasts about different topics (for the example, lets say that one topic is “roleplay sessions” and the other one are discussions and tips about “roleplay games” like dungeons and dragons)

In my mind I would be 2 different series (ex: “Down of times” for the sessions and “roleplay tip” for the other topic)

Now, the current language I presume is used on itunes to inform the user about the language of the podcast/episode (?), but since I have only 1 podcast (and no series) they are all mixed up. However, the “roleplay sessions” episodes are sponen in French and the “roleplay tip” episodes are spoken in English.

The idea was to show that information on the player (or near the player using the templates) so that people are aware and informed about what they can expect to hear.

From another podcast plugin: “Podcast series are not just a convenient way to group your episodes – they also allow you to run multiple podcast shows from the same site with series-specific RSS feeds that you can make entirely unique.”

Link here and Plugin here

Makes sense ?

  • Miguel