Podcast runs with Firefox & Safari, but not in Chrome

Hey, my Podlove Web Player works great in Firefox and Safari, but not with Chrome. :frowning:
I really tried everything I found here, but nothing worked out yet. I got an SSL-certificate, disabled tracking, played around with the audio-file locations and so on… do you have any other idea what it could be?

As soon I click play, it shows the “Network problem” error message.

I appreciate any help! Thank you in advance.

It is a network issue since chrome raises this while requesting the file: GET https://wp10608205.server-he.de/lesungen/ckhn5_lesung.mp3 net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID So it doesn’t seem to play with self signed certificates. You might want to reach out to HostEurope to get a proper certificate or use something like LetsEncrypt for your own server.

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