Podcast URL

How do I extract the podcast URL in XML Format from my wordpress site so i can submit to another site

Not sure I understand what you mean by “podcast URL in XML Format” – you are probably talking about the podcast feed (which is in RSS which is defined in XML).

You create Podcast Feeds in the respective menu entry in the Podlove section and by defining slugs you create feed URLs that are listed there.

Thank you Leader. here is my news site i want to know the podcast feeds http://multimeshnews.com I have added the podlove pluggins already.

this request was sent from google that they require our podcast URL in XML

I could get the RSS feeds URL and the XML through RSS builder. But I don’t understand how to get the Podcast URL to submit to apple and other sites for subscription

Looks like you have not yet set up a podcast feed in “Podlove -> Podcast Feeds”, have you? Once you have set up your assets and feeds you can get valid podcast feeds that you can pass over to iTunes or any other podcast directory.

Also, web stie metadate asserts that the PowerPress plugin is also installed. This might cause conflicts.

Have you set up any episodes too? Your podcast feeds can only be submitted once you have posted a first episode (feeds must include proper episode data to be accepted as podcast feeds)

hmmmmm can i have your email so i could send you the print screen for you to guide me through the setting please mine is aderibigbe.david@gmail.com

I can see the slugs in the menu under podcast feeds where do i get the slugs URL to input ?

You might be a candidate for our professional support: http://publisher.podlove.org