Podcast with visuals?

Hi there,
I have been recently wondering whether video is not a better format due to the rather academic topic I offer - it would be much better understood by the audience if they had some graphics and animations alongside my talking. But then, there are also large parts which do absolutely fine without video and I seriously fear the effort…
Is anyone here in a similar situation and are there ideas out, around some sort of an in-between-audio-and-video-solution?
How about the possibility to add image/animation files to the chapters or file tab? Or little markers in the play bar? It would be important though to have a direct link between the visual and the right passage in the soundtrack.


It is technically possible to attach images to chapter marks. However, few chapter editing tools have this capability and the web player support is limited.

The “low tech” solution would be for you to link to all material in the show notes, with time codes. You could still use chapter marks and even link to the material in the chapter, as chapter mark URLs are more widely supported.

That sounds great, many thanks, Eric! Do you know of a live example by any chance?

No, sorry, that was just from-the-top-of-my-head how I might do it :slight_smile: