Podcasts no longer showing at top of post (4.0 update)

I’ve been using podcast publisher for at least five years and love it. After updating to release 4.0, however, my podcasts are no longer showing up at the top of my posts. My template is named default and all I have is the word default at the top of every podcast episode post. I tried changing my template, but I’m not really sure how to change it to fix this.

I’m running:
PHP Version 8.1.24
WordPress Version 6.3.2


can you try to use this minimal template and see if that works:

{% if not is_feed() %}

  {# display web player for episode #}
  {{ episode.player }}

{% endif %}

Then section by section add back parts of your current template until you encounter the error again. Then I can investigate what part of the template does not work any more.

Found the issue, had to update some syntax in a core template. Fix will be included in 4.0.1.

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I have the same issue. I have version 4.08 installed. My template code is as follows:

{% if not is_feed() %}
{# display web player for episode #}
{{ episode.player({template: “compact”}) }}

{% endif %}

{% if not ( is_front_page() and is_home() ) %}
{# display download menu for episode #}
{% include “@core/shortcode/downloads-select.twig” %}

{% endif %}

WordPress version: 6.4.1
PHP version 8.0
Example: Dee Hurley - Emotion/Body code practitioner and QLA - Law of Attraction Podcast LOA Today

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I’m new to Podlove but I have a similar issue.
I assume it has something to do that Episodes are post_typepodcast” and not “post”.

After fixing my theme file that requests podcasts as “featured content” everything works perfect again.
This is the code:

// Query featured entries
$featured = new WP_Query(
		'no_found_rows'				=> false,
		'update_post_meta_cache'	=> false,
		'update_post_term_cache'	=> false,
		'ignore_sticky_posts'		=> 1,
		'posts_per_page'			=> absint( get_theme_mod('featured-posts-count','5') ),
		'cat'						=> absint( get_theme_mod('featured-category','') ),
		'post_type'                 => 'podcast' /* FIX for Podlove: set post_type to 'any' or 'podcast' */

This behaviour is still strange since Wordpress docs says WP_Query uses post_type ‘any’ by default.

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