Podlove connected with Anchor

dear all, i have following problem and hope someone can help me. I manage my podcast episodes via Anchor.fm and would like to publish the episodes on my website. can i use content from anchor via podlove on my website? there is a documentation for this because i don’t know how i can use the content of anchor and present it on my website on wordpress.

Thanks in advance.


There is no real supported way to do this, yet. There are some fragments you could use, e.g. referencing files via URL or use a third party RSS feed import plugin, and then use Podlove Publishers Migration tool to transform these posts into episodes. But right now this requires some amount of manual work.

For other solutions you can also have a look at [Question] Can I use Anchor and have an automated RSS compatible with the new namespace? · Issue #236 · Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace · GitHub