Podlove Crowdfunding


there are a few features, which come up from time to time from the community and I think, it could be great to have a little crowdfunding tool on new features for podlove, for example: itunes categories for the show module. And everyone can spend a few € for podlove so that the podlove engineers can be paid for their great work.

It would be easy to create a little podlove feature crowdfunding page with wordpress and I could spent my time a few investments to get it started. But: what do you think?


I’m new here (also new in podcasting) but If it will make Podlove better then it’s great idea.

I have posted a few times about having the ability to have iTunes categories at the show module level. The way I am using Podlove, I have five active podcasts hosted on one website and Podlove does everything I need it to do and more! The only thing lacking is this iTunes category ability at the show module level. I would indeed render up some contribution to get this capability at the show level.