Podlove don't see some medias

Hello friends!

Similar problem to this, but the suggested solution didn’t work for me.

My mp3 files are hosted on Internet Archive. For most of my episodes, Podlove sees them correctly, but it fails to see recently uploaded files.

For example, our episode 358 works fine but 359 (the most recent) doesn’t work

Weirdly, it is able to get the podcast duration from the media (see screenshot below). How it is possible that it finds the file for the duration but not for the validation??

The links to the medias:

  • 358 (Podlove finds this one correctly)
  • 359 (Podlove cannot find this one)

In Media > Upload location: https://archive.org/download/OnAJusteUneVie/

I tried to revalidate everything multiple times. It always get the same results: latest episode isn’t found but everything else is.

Any hint?

We have the very same issue

Website                    https://www.trekzone.de
PHP Version                8.1.24
WordPress Version          6.3.1
WordPress Theme            Newspaper Child theme v9.0c
Active Plugins             
           - Ultimate Blocks v3.0.5
           - Advanced Custom Fields: Star Rating Field v1.0.2
           - Advanced Custom Fields v6.2.1
           - Akismet Anti-spam: Spam Protection v5.3
           - Antispam Bee v2.11.5
           - Burst Statistics - Datenschutzfreundliche Analyse für WordPress v1.4.6.1
           - Carousel Slider Block for Gutenberg v1.0.9
           - Code Snippets v3.5.0
           - Crop Thumbnails v1.7.2
           - Yoast Duplicate Post v4.5
           - eForm easySubmission Add-on v1.1.0
           - File Manager Advanced v5.1.2
           - FileBird Lite v5.5
           - FS Poster v6.2.4
           - Health Check & Troubleshooting v1.7.0
           - Image Source Control Pro v2.3.1
           - MailPoet v4.30.0
           - myCred v2.5.3
           - MailerLite - Signup forms (official) v1.6.13
           - OPcache Manager v2.10.0
           - Podlove Podcast Publisher v3.8.6
           - Podlove Web Player v5.7.1
           - Real Cookie Banner v3.12.0
           - Rank Math SEO PRO v3.0.39
           - Rank Math SEO v1.0.202
           - Shortcodes Ultimate v5.13.2
           - TaxoPress v3.10.2
           - SVG Support v2.5.5
           - Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order v1.7.9
           - tagDiv Cloud Library v2.8 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54
           - tagDiv Composer v4.2 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54
           - tagDiv Social Counter v5.3 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54
           - tagDiv Standard Pack v1.9 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54
           - tagDiv Opt-In Builder v1.4.4 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54
           - Trekzone v1.0
           - Ultimate Category Excluder v1.7
           - Ultimate Member v2.6.11
           - Ultimate Member - Schedule User Deletions with WP Cronjob v1.0.0
           - Ultimate Member - reCAPTCHA v2.3.3
           - User Role Editor v4.64
           - W3 Total Cache v2.5.0
           - Converter for Media v5.11.1
           - Wordfence Security v7.10.4
           - WP Extra File Types v0.5.2
           - Exporter for eForm v1.7.0
           - myCRED Integration for eForm v1.1.0
           - eForm - WordPress Form Builder v4.17.1
           - WP Help v1.7.4
           - WP HTML Mail - Email Template Designer v3.4.5
           - WP Mail SMTP v3.9.0
           - WP Statistics v14.1.6.2
           - WP-Sweep v1.1.8
           - wpDiscuz v7.6.10
WordPress Database Charset utf8
WordPress Database Collate 
Publisher Version          3.8.6
Publisher Database Version 153
Web Player Version         player_v5
Monolog Version            1
open_basedir               ok
curl Version               7.64.0
iconv                      available
simplexml                  ok
max_execution_time         61
upload_max_filesize        100M
memory_limit               256M
disable_functions          opcache_get_status
permalinks                 ok (/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/)
podlove_permalinks         ok
podcast_settings           ok
web_player                 ok
podlove_cache              on
  - mp3    audio/mpeg       https://www.trekzone.de/feed/mp3/
  - psc    application/xml  no feed
  - m4a    audio/mp4        no feed
  - mp4    video/mp4        no feed
  - vtt    text/vtt         no feed
cron                       ok
duplicate_guids            ok

0 errors
0 notices
Nice, Everything looks fine!

I still haven’t found a solution. Anyone here has an idea what is happening?

Because of this issue, the podlove player cannot play the file. I tried various podcast apps on my phone and they all play the file correctly. So only the Podlove Player is affected.

Could it be something related to https? I remember having issues with that years ago when we were using feedburner.