Podlove_downloadintent is 170 mb big


those 2 tabels are very big in my database:

podlove_downloadintent 167mb ( 770806 rows )
podlove_downloadintentclean 62mb ( 247489 rows )

Can i deleted both of them ? also what are they doing ? and can i export the infos some how ?

They contain your download analytics data.

You can delete old data from podlove_downloadintent if you never rebuild the analytics from scratch in the tools section, otherwise you will overwrite historical analytics data.

podlove_downloadintentclean is the cleaned version of podlove_downloadintent and used to calculate the actual analytics numbers.

Can i export them some how ? … its like 8 years of Podcast stastics.

and i could clear both of the tables savely ?

You could export the database tables with a database viewer like phpmyadmin, but that’s the raw data, now sure how useful that would be.

Or on the Analytics page over the table of episode downloads, there is an “Export as CSV” function, which exports the values of the table below as CSV.

You podcast won’t break, but all your analytics data will be lost. Other than that, they can safely be emptied.