Podlove episodes have no wordpress-category


Hello guys,

first of all - thank you VERY much for this great plugin and tool. I’m enjoying so much using it.
Now my question:

On my landing page on wordpress all articles are organzied by categories. (could just organize them via categories, not tags)
So I have a categroy “new” or “familiy” or “most read” and so on.
Now my problem: Because an eposide from podlove has no categories (only tags), the new episode is not shown on my frontpage. I can’t bring it on my front page an that drives me crazy. :slight_smile:smile:

Any proposals?

Thanks alot,



You could activate the use of categories in the settings (modules).


OMG. You made my day! Thank you very much!


Hm. Avada seems to show only “blog posts” on the front page. Even if I categorize the “episode” it doesn’t apear there. I have to rethink it.
Or could I give an “episode” the characteristic of a “blog post”?


Episodes have their own post-type „episode“. That‘s on purpose. I can‘t tell you why though.
I‘m not good at programming WordPress. I have to pass that one on to somebody more capable.


Other plugins must enable support for other post types