Podlove player customizer is not working

We have been using the Podlove Player 4 in conjunction with Podlove Publisher. Everything was cool until a few days ago. Something changed, and we didn’t change it. Our player was black and we had the download and share links turned off, along with no title, image, and other settings. Now it is blue with all the standard options turned on. I tried styling it in the podlove player settings, but nothing “sticks”, it defaults back to the default blue player. I tried switching the setting in Publisher to use the Player 5. Same issue. Something is not right. Any suggestions on how to go back to the way we had it, or at least some way of turning off the download link, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lets start with a link to the affected page :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. Here you go: https://www.toddsniderlive.com/todds-free-show-of-the-week-september-21-2019-memphis-tn-the-crosstown-theatre/

It should be possible to switch back to Podlove Web Player 4. An upgrade to version 5 is not mandatory.

An in-detail guide for Podlove Web Player 5 integration is here: [Tutorial] Podlove Web Player 5 and Podlove Publisher Integration

Tried going back to Player 4. I get an error in the player that it can’t find the MP3 file.

I also tried modifying the player using Player 5’s new admin thing. I make changes, click “save”, but nothing changes. It’s like the Save function doesn’t work.

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