Podlove player standalone

In the standalone version… no matter what I do the player is rendered twice. I filled out all fields and also … this time not all field because its tiresome. Would be nice if the player could just pull the meta from a RSS.


UPDATE: Found it… there is a default setting adding the player to every page. I removed it and all. Love the new Gutenberg settings!

Now I only need to figure out how to set a default show without having to enter the information over and over again. Not hosting Podlove Producer on this page and getting the episodes from another source.

I’m open for recommendations :slight_smile: So if you have a good idea let me know it.

I like the dropdowns with the defaults. Maybe something along does lines but for shows. Entering the shows once in the backend and in the single episodes in the block editor one can pick a show and just fill in the episode details.

Even more comfortable would be to add the shows RSS feeds and pick an episode from the feed itself in the block editor and get all the meta from one episode dropdown directly populating all the custom fields.