Podlove plugin doesnt support innerpage option


I recently installed Podlove Publisher Plugin on my wordpress site that uses pro-template from thinkupthemes (Minamaze Pro).

Evertything is working fine, beside one thing. The epsiode page doesnt work with the inner page option of the theme. That means, I am not able to display my sidebars on episode page.

Theme support was telling me that they feel not responsible for this. Can anyone here help me?

Thanks in advance!


Since the theme is not available for free, I have no way to find out what’s wrong.

I can only assume that they only support WordPress “posts”, not Custom Post Types. However, I have no way to verify. Their support should at least tell you why it’s not working and how plugin developers might fix it.

Hi Eric, thx for the answer.

Minamze theme is also available on a free demo version, so maybe this will help you to find out?

On parallel I will again contact suport.

Regards, Bernd

Or additional question:
What can I do if you are right on this?

I can only find the Live Demo, but nothing to download.

Hard to say. Right now we’re dependent on their support providing information on what the actual technical issue is. Maybe it can be fixed in the Publisher, maybe it has to be fixed in the theme. But without seeing the theme code, it’s impossible to judge.

just sent you a private message with theme…

and now the answer of the theme provider:

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for following up with us.

Yes, Minamaze Pro usage custom post type for creating the portfolio feature and fully compatible with the custom post type. If we understood correctly, the custom post type is working correctly at your site.

However, the inner page options panel isn’t appearing on the “podcast” plugin custom post type area that will allow you to change the page layout.

You can ask the plugin developer to enable the theme specific inner page options panel on the “podcast” custom post type so the inner page options panel can appear on their plugin.

The plugin developer should assist you regarding this. All they need is just add the compatibility with our the themes.