Podlove RSS feed breaks my other feeds

Hi everyone,

I have 2 custom feeds on my website, built for custom post types.
When I activate Podlove, these feeds are not updated anymore.


Instead, the date of publication of my last podcast episode appears.


When I deactivate Podlove, my other feeds work fine.
Why the Podlove feed overwrite my other feeds? Is there any special settings I missed?


Website https://floatmagazine.hostpress.me
PHP Version 7.2.31
WordPress Version 5.4.1
WordPress Theme floatmagazine v5.2.2 v5.2.1 - 2020/03/12
Active Plugins
- Advanced Ads v1.17.12
- Advanced Custom Fields PRO v5.8.11
- Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.6
- Classic Editor v1.5
- Co-Authors Plus v3.4.3
- MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress v4.7.8
- Multiple Post Thumbnails v1.7
- Podlove Podcast Publisher v2.11.4
- Podlove Subscribe Button v1.3.7
- Podlove Web Player v5.2.2
- Post Type Switcher v3.2.0
- Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.3
- Search & Replace v3.2.1
- Smart Slider 3 v3.4.1.7
- TAO Schedule Update v1.15
- WordPress Importer v0.7
- Yoast SEO v14.2
- WP Extended Search v1.3
- WP User Avatar v2.2.6
WordPress Database Charset utf8mb4
WordPress Database Collate
Publisher Version 2.11.4
Web Player Version player_v5
Twig Version 1.42.2
Monolog Version 1
open_basedir /var/www/vhosts/floatmagazin.de/:/tmp/
curl Version 7.29.0
iconv available
simplexml ok
max_execution_time 600
upload_max_filesize 32M
memory_limit 256M
disable_functions opcache_get_status
permalinks ok (/%postname%/)
podlove_permalinks ok
podcast_settings ok
web_player ok
podlove_cache on

0 errors
1 NOTICE (no dealbreaker, but should be fixed if possible):

  • The PHP setting “open_basedir” is not empty. This is incompatible with curl, a library required by Podlove Publisher. We have a workaround in place but it is preferred to fix the issue. Please ask your hoster to unset “open_basedir”.


Podlove Publisher should only affect podcast feeds. If other feeds are affected, that’s a bug and I’ll look into it.

Can you tell me how your feeds are generated? A plugin? Custom code?

We have the same problem. We use multiple custom post types with the default wp feed structure: https://xxx.xxx/post-type-slug/feed
As soon as activating podlove all those feeds are overwritten by the podcast feed.

See here:

Even the default feed gets overwritten: