Podlove subscribe & Itunes: not working?

Hi everyone,

I installed Podlove subscribre for a Wordpress website, the button looks super nice, well done! The links in the “cloud” section seem to work well, however I think that the links for the apps have issues.

In particular, when I click on Itunes, the link launches Itunes but it doesn’t open the podcast page. I included the Itunes feed ID in the settings, so I am not sure what has gone wrong.

This is the page where I implemented the subscribe button: http://bruegel.org/2016/06/european-fiscal-rules/

Any ideas on how to fix this? Many thanks in advance!

Everything works fine. That link does open iTunes and directly subscribes to your podcast. It does not open your podcast-page in iTunes. I guess that’s the way it should be, @timpritlove? Or should it open the podcast-page in iTunes?

Unsubscribe from your own podcast in iTunes, delete it and then re-subscribe via that link and then check your subscriptions again. Youl’ll see that you have subscribed again.

If you enter the ituned id for the feed it should open the ituned page instaed.

Thanks for clarifying. It does not. It did before though. That has been changed by now, if I’m right.

Thanks everyone for your quick replies! I think I figured why the subcribe button appear as if it wasn’t working: my Itunes didn’t have the “podcast” tab active, it was only showing the “movies” “music” and “tv shows” tabs. So when I activated the “podcast” tab, I could see that I was indeed subscribed to the podcast.

So basically if you never used Itunes for podcasts, and you want to subscribe to a show for the firs time using your plugin, then it might not be so obvious. However I imagine that the large majority of users would already be active consummers of podcasts on Itunes.