Podlove Web Player 4.1.0

Podlove Web Player 4.1.0 Release

The latest release is focused on refining the existing code base and upgrade the used tooling to the latest standards. Therefore you won’t see any visible changes.

New Features

Accessibility (a11y)

This release is focused on giving more people access to the player. We made several changes to players DOM, added aria-labels and tabindex when needed and focused to make the core functionality accessible via shortcuts. This is an ongoing process where we need the feedback from the community to further improve.

Http Live Streaming (HLS)

With @podlove/html5-audio-driver 1.2.0 release also the player gets support for HLS. This is a precursor for the live player and also improves the stability and loading times for playback in normal episodes.


Chapters now also can be retrieved asynchronously via url.

Bug Fixes

  • Embed mode now also respects url parameters

CI and Build

  • Updated bundling to webpack 4
  • Updated CI to CircleCI 2
  • Improved bundling to reduce loading time
  • Added integration tests

Breaking Changes

  • For a standalone version the style.js script has to be added to the runtime
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