Podlove Web Player 4.1.5



The documentation system was updated to work with Vuepress and to get rid of Jekyll. Also the interactive examples got streamlined.


Chapters now support also images. The episode/show poster will be replaced by the chapter image. This is only a first try to support chapter images until we get the final design from UX.

Show Title and Episode Title links

@laufwerkm requested different targets for links in case of embedding and sharing. This is also part of this release.

Bug Fixes

  • transcripts: Fixes text highlighting
  • translations: Fixes german embed translations

Under the Hood

  • Introducing store selectors by using our own redux-vuex library and removing the Revue lib
  • Custom rendering functions for transcripts, to improve the rendering performance for large transcripts
  • Contributors/Speakers aren’t filtered anymore
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Please don’t laugh!

The Podlove Web Player doesn’t seem do be working in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.

If you open i.e. https://resonator-podcast.de/2018/res141-das-mikrobiom-des-darms/ in IE11/Win7 the Player element seems to start loading, but then the container box stays white and empty. There is no fallback simple HTML5 player as there used to be in Web Player 2 in these cases.

I know: We would be better off in a world where nobody useses MS-Internet Explorer. But thing is, people do use it. In my case it’s all the three senior levels above me. So: Is there any way to fix this? @zusatzstoff Thanks!

Yes, that is correct. I’m kind of struggling with adding support for IE11 because it also has an impact on modern browsers. But I kind of like the fallback idea, will need to talk with @ericteubert because this needs an implementation in publisher.

I’d be happy to provide a fallback :slight_smile:

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any solution to this? We are experiencing the same problem with our Podlove Powered project and one of our clients noticed it :grimacing:

I think the latest Publisher already has a Player fallback in place. So if the player doesn’t render the user at least can play the audio file.