Podlove Web Player 4.2.0

With this release we are cleaning up our neglected tabs sharing, downloads and audio.

Sharing Tab

  • Removed Google Plus from the Sharing Menu :wave:
  • Added LinkedIn to the Sharing Menu (contributed by Grant Foster)
  • Removed Embed Overlay, this is now inline below the copy link input

Files Tab

  • Design by @coolcut
  • Formerly known as the Downloads Tab
  • Right now only Audio Files are available, later on also other media and text files can be added

Audio Tab

  • Design by @coolcut
  • Sliders now snap to predefined volume/rate values
  • Mono/Stereo Filter now available #623


  • Updated dependencies
  • Player can now be extended with audio filters
  • German and Esperanto Translation updated (contributed by Johannes Mรผller)
  • Streamlined Icons (Contributed by @monkeydom)
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