Podlove Web Player disappears when activating tracking or permalinks

Hi there,

if I activate podlove tracking then the web player is vanishing. If I deactivate it appears again. If I use another option at the permalink settings then the default option. The player is not loading too. And another side effect: I can’t refresh the episode contents. There comes a “jason-Error”. It disappears when I change the permalinks settings to default.

What is wrong here? My feed is validating perfectly. I looks like this: “https://domain.de/?feed=mp3”. But only the simple default feed is working.


Hi, I have a feeling that if you setup “pretty permalinks” (https://wordpress.org/support/article/using-permalinks/) it will work.

Thank you. This did the trick: I had to enable mod_rewrite in my apache configuration. If I had asked here at the first place, I didn’t had wasted so much time fiddling around with useless options. This is the right article for my problem. :wink:

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