Podlove Web Player embedding via cdn.podlove.org


we are using the embed.js from cdn.podlove.org to deliver the player on a third-party site.

From today (Build version: 4.5.1 - Saturday, May 4th, 2019, 12:34:41 PM) we are getting 404 errors while requesting the necessary scripts from our domain:

Status: 404 Not Found
Source: Network

URL: https://mypodcast.de/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/lib/modules/podlove_web_player/player_v4/distvendor.js
Status: 404 Not Found
Source: Network

What may be the reason? “distvendor.js” formerly was “dist/vendor.js” etc.

If I use the embed.js from the WordPress plugin like
everything works well…

@zusatzstoff: Do you have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!

I released the 4.5.1 Version today. Already discovered a couple of bugs that should be resolved within the next day. I’m curious why it’s trying to query from the local instance. The CDN version should try to resolve all scripts from the CDN. Can you share me a link so I can debug the embedded player?


thanks your quick response, here is a example embed:

I also wondered why not all resources are loaded from the CDN… But this was already the case before version 4.5.1.

If there’s anything else I can contribute, please let me know!

Ahh got it :smiley: You should not provide the reference.base in your config. I will disable this in the CDN scenario to ensure nobody else runs into that pitfall.

Should now be fixed with release 4.5.2.

Yay it works like a charm! Thank you for your effort @zusatzstoff!