Podlove Web Player: Not displaying shownotes


I have an issue regarding the display of the shownotes in my Web Player. In other podcatchers its working perfectly, but they don’t show up in the PL Web Player.

My settings:
I activated “Include episode show notes in the feed". After that I filled my shownotes into the Episode Post and NOT into the Episode Summary below. (Because I wanted to use HTML in my shownotes)

Now I am trying to find a solution to get the shownotes from the Episode Post into the Podlove Web Player. Can somebody help me?


Are you using the Publisher Shownotes feature? This isn’t available in the Player yet and would involve an extension in the Publisher/Player integration.

thanks for your reply! But I dont understand, whats the Publisher Shownotes feature? The feature to publish Shownotes with the Podlove Publisher in general? Or a special setting?