Podlove Web Player Not Displaying

I’m not sure what’s going on. All of a sudden, where I have the shortcode set for the web player in Podlove Publisher in my WordPress site, instead of showing the player it now shows just the shortcode for the episode, such as [podlove-web-player publisher=“5919”].

Here is an example page.

What’s going on?

Can you give me some more details around your installed plugin versions?

Yes I saw this too. I have fixed it temporarily by moving up to the new webplayer. In the recent release webplayer can be supplied by a separate plugin, that needs to be installed. Webplayer 5.

I think it is still a bug that need to be fixed

I have version 2.10.0 of Podlove Publisher installed. That seems to be the highest version available from WordPress. However, I see on the Podlove site that they offer version 2.8.0. I don’t understand what’s going on there.

I tried your suggestion and installed Podlove Web Player version 5.0.10. At first nothing happened. The issue remained. Then I cleared the cache of an image caching plugin called Adaptive Images, and now I can see a player. And it’s huge compared to the old one!

I’ve tried changing the settings, but none of the settings I change seem to stick. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Changing configuration works, but not settings. :no_mouth:

Yeah I view this as a work around. There is a bug here that needs to be fixed.

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Opened this issue:

I see, applying the player changes needs more explanation.

A short version: By default the player is inserted via Podlove Templates. In Podlove > Templates in the default template there is a line like this: {{ episode.player }}. You need to adjust this and pass in the player template/theme etc. you created in the web player config. For example:

{{ episode.player({template: "compact"}) }}

And this should work out-of-the box because the web player ships with this "compact" player template.

I just tried the code, and after a lot of attempts and refreshes, I am unable to get it to work without the web player plugin also turned on. Even then, I had to try it a lot with the web player turned on to get it to work. There’s something about the code combination that chokes on switching the web player plugin off and on … I’m not sure what. I couldn’t find a pattern. However, I can say that with your revised line of code installed in the default template and with the web player plugin turned on, it does show me a compact version of the new player.

Failing example shown here:

I can leave up for a few days like this, it is just a demo site.

One other thing … in the Podlove Publisher template section, the user has to save in two different places on the same page to save changes to a template. That’s not good. The user should have to save only once, not twice.

That’s intended. If you have Player version 5 selected in Publisher there should be a global notice visible reminding you to install/activate the Web Player plugin if it’s not active.

You only need to save once, but you’re right, having two save buttons with different purposes on the same page is confusing.

I didn’t realize that there WAS a setting for the Web Player in Publisher. Now that I realize that, I’ve changed it, and things are working better. There should be a clear indicator in Web Player’s back panel that Web Player 5 must be activated in Publisher in order to work properly.

That’s not what happens. I did some more testing and discovered that the only time that a change to a template gets saved is when the Save button in the top-right gets clicked. Saving at the bottom doesn’t help at all. The only time the Save button at the bottom seems to work is when you’re adding a new template to the page.

Another issue: each time I turn off Web Player then turn it back on again, any changes I made to the configuration get returned to defaults supplied at installation.

I’ll be changing the UI to hopefully make it clear what each button does. You can see a preview here, feel free to provide feedback there: https://github.com/podlove/podlove-publisher/pull/1109