Podlove Web Player v4.0.9

Bug Fixes

  • build: Uses babel-env as preset (3775ed1)
  • download-tab: Displays correct duration (9096834)
  • ie11: Polyfills Promise API (b694a14)
  • locale: Adds default locale if not defined (3be3970)
  • localization: Fixes typo in german translation (65160cd)
  • marquee: Fixes marquee width calculation (5851dd8)
  • package: update detect-browser to version 2.1.0 (478db3c)
  • package: update redux-actions to version 2.3.0 (4410856)
  • title: Fixes scrolling issue in title when overflowing (052ceca)
  • transcripts: Adds custom event for mozilla (5d05651)
  • transcripts: Single Speaker (a853f35)
  • transcripts-search: Makes search highlighting more consistent (4b284e6)
  • window-size: Fire resize event on content load (6ca2c9b)


  • chapters: Adds ability to retrieve chapters via url (55e328d)
  • ci: Adds preview hook for pull requests (2e8a385)
  • share: Adds icons to share tab (f0e83f1), closes #486
  • stoptime: Adds ability to stop time at position (471b7b6)
  • tooltip: Adds copied tooltip (f3c9374)