Podlove without cookies

First: Thank you for that great plugin!

I try hard to make my website “cookie-free” because of the annoying consent - banners. The Podlove Publisher Cookie is currently the only cookie, which is set. Is there any possibility to run Podlove without that cookie?

Thank you for advice

What’s the name of the cookie? I’m not aware of using cookies in Podlove Publisher :thinking:

I attached a screenshot. When I deactivate Podlove Publisher, Chrome (and Edge, Vivaldi …) recognizes no cookie.


That screenshot shows that there are no cookies present. No?

I dont think so. But maybe Chrome lies :slight_smile:
Here with podlove
1 cookie

Here without
0 cookie


Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 15.11.48

Ah, not a cookie. “Local Storage”. The web player keeps its state in local storage, for example how how much of the episode was played. That information stays in the browser and is never sent to the server or any third party.

Thank you for your answer and helpful support!