Podlovers web player


Is it possible to recreate the web player layout as seen on podlovers.org in WP? Or is that only possible with lots of manual code?
Beautiful site btw (too bad the show is in German).
If you have a single page with all the episodes on it, it takes forever to load the site, because the player is loaded for each episode.
You can put the player after the footer, but then it’s only for the last episode on the page.

Thank you

As far as I know, podlovers.org does not run on WordPress. @zusatzstoff can tell you more about it.

Yaeh thought so, I think the site uses wordpress as its backend source though.

Just wondering if the same is achievable in WP-native.

Nice to hear that you like the site :slight_smile: So as @Joey pointed out it is not a Wordpress page. Instead it uses Podlove Publisher APIs to generate a static page with Podlove Web Player components that can be hosted anywhere. Especially the generation part makes it pretty hard to implement it with Wordpress.

From a concept perspective the page is the next iteration of the Podlove Web Player. The code is open source (https://github.com/podlove/podlovers.org) and could be deployed and hosted on your own. We are planning to make it also accessible to a larger audience but are still trying to sort out the essential features.

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I had already see the repo, nice to hear that you’ll make it more accessible.

Thanks for the info.