Previous and Next Episode Button - Example for NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY action

Dear people,
we would like to bundle multiple podcast on one site. For this we would like the users to be able to skip and go back between podcasts episodes with buttons. I integrated a Jump-Back and Skip-Button but I don’t know how to make them work.

I know there is the NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY but I don’t know what payload to use.

player.then(store => 
            type: 'NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY',
            payload: ???

If I use an empty payload like this
store.dispatch({ type: 'NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY', payload: {} });
it doesn’t work.

If I comment the payload line out, it doesn’t work.

I saw this [github] which inspired me to this:

store.dispatch({ type: 'NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY', payload: {play: true} });

but that did not work either.

I would be very glad for a clue or a working example… the documentation leaves me clueless.
And if somebody has an idea for the previous episode button, that’d be great since there seems to be no corresponding action…

Thank you and kind regards!