Problem to publish my first episode

Good Evening!
I am new with Podlove.
I have managed to publish my first episode however I have a problem.
When selecting the audio It finds the slug verifys it and plays. However when I publish it and select play. It will not play it says:

“Error loading audio files Couldn’t load the audio files from the server. Please try again later”

The mp3 link works when I click on the edit part of the episode.
Can someone help me? It would be great!

Same with me and so far no solution found. My hosting is at Podigee. Any solution someone?

Do you host the audio files inside WP (e.g. in the media gallery) or outside?
I’d suggest to host it outside in a plain directly of the web server. WP may do all kinds of further URL or content processing.

Same issue here. Track is hosted on Soundcloud, mp3 link works, but the publisher wants to add .mp3 to the end of the slug, making the track nonresponsible on soundcloud.

The slug should contain no .mp3 extension, only the filename without extension. The PPP will then add the appropriate extension according to the asset. The media file itself on the webserver of course should have the appropriate extension.

Thanks for the reply. The issue I’m running into now is with the duration detector. image

I think the media file URL is not correct. Probably Podigee does some redirects. The URL must be the URL to the raw media files.
Can you post the link to the media file what you think is correct?