Provide keywords in feed [was: How to add categories to podcast feed?]



I’m wondering how to add categories to a feed. Currently my feed just shows “Sports & Recreation”, hence also in e.g. it shows up just with “Sport”.
I think this is important because people might do a keyword search and podcasts will only show up if they are listed appropriately.

I found out that other podcast very well have a lot of categories.
I remember that somewhere in the settings there was a pulldown but I even can’t find this anymore although I clicked through all settings (although the pulldown had very limited options to select).

How can I add/manage categories of my feed?



Hi Bernhard,

you can change the categories of your podcast under Podlove --> Podcast settings --> directory --> iTunes categories.

I’m using Podlove in German but I think these are the names in English.


Ok, I found it. Unfortunately, there is a very limited choice.
Is there no way to add some custom tags?

I found this on other podcast, e.g. on (s. attached screenshot).



Nobody knows how to add tags to the podcast feed (except this very limited itunes selection)?


Hi Bernhard,

I don’t know where the tags are from. You could ask But the iTunes categories are defined by Apple.


Meanwhile I looked at several feeds to find out how other podcasts provide keywords.
The key is that they provide an <itunes:keywords> tag which contains a comma separated list of keywords. These keywords then appear on the podcast portals (e.g.,

Unfortunately, a search within this panel reveals that exactly this feature was removed in 2.4.0 (see Release 2.4.0).

Is it possible to discuss this again?

IMO keywords are essential for a podcast to be found by listeners.



Here is what says:



Feels icky to go against specification and Apple/iTunes removed them, which is why the Publisher removed support for the tag. I guess some clients/directories still use this data as it’s still in some feeds and nobody has proposed a replacement for it yet. I tend to lean towards following the spec, however I’m not totally convinced here.

You could also use WordPress hooks to inject it into the feed yourself.

add_action('podlove_append_to_feed_head', function ($podcast, $feed, $format) {

    $keywords     = "my, keywords, here";
    $keywords_tag = sprintf('<itunes:keywords>%s</itunes:keywords>', $keywords);
    echo "\t" . apply_filters('podlove_feed_itunes_keywords', $keywords_tag);
    echo PHP_EOL;

}, 10, 3);


Ok, I understand your concern about the specification breach.
Thanks for the hint, I’ll add it manually as suggested. I think it is important to have keywords even though Apple removed them.


I created a super simple WP plugin to set such keywords.
Maybe somebody is interested: