Question: Analytics

Sorry for the newbie question. I installed end of last year the Podlove publisher, and it works great (a big thank you!).

I encountered one issue, that when analytics was enabled the download didn’t work on Apple Podcasts and the episode vanished.

When I noticed the URL does not resolve correctly and set the recommended setting, it looked fine, but the episode still wasn’t shown. As I was getting impatient, I disabled analytics and as the episode was shown again on Apple Podcast, I didn’t touch again any of these settings. I think in addition I had a blank in the filename, which was an additional issue.

Now my questions:

  • Would it be safe to enable analytics again, or would this incur any issues, like downloading all episodes again on the podcatchers?
  • How can I check if the analytics redirection link works stable? I think the update frequency of Apple Podcast at least is often a few hours - so changing the setting would possibly mean that the episode might vanish for some time if the problem still occurs?

I’m sorry if this is a very simple question and there might be an answer already somewhere, but I unfortunately haven’t found a suitable answer in the forum.