Questions about Feed Proxy and RSS redirects

Hi, my podcast (currently hosted on Wordpress with Podlove) is moving to an external podcast host (Spreaker). The people managing this have asked me to update the RSS link to their new feed.

If I understand correctly, under Podlove > Podcast Feeds > Edit, I need to set a temporary redirect link at the bottom under Feed Proxy. But I would really like to know what this does exactly. Will this send the new Spreaker RSS feed url to all podcasting hosts?

And what about the podcast info? They will be changing the podcast name (slightly) as well as the description and everything else. Will this be picked up from Spreaker, or do I need to update everything in Podlove, too?

No, Podlove Publisher does not talk to any directory but when somebody asks the Publisher about your old feed URL it will respond with an temporary redirect. Once everything works as expected, you can change the permanent redirect (301). One a podcast client or directory sees a 301 response it will/should change it’s store URL to the new target and your old host will no longer get requests (at least in theory).

Consumers will pick up the information from your new feed, so it’s actually a good idea to leave the Publisher as its is, so you see if the client/directory uses the new feed or not.

Regards, Andi.