Redirect from podlove to new feed (external hoster)

I have a Podcast, on wordpress and podlove. now my new management wants me to use podigee. they gave me my new podigee feed adress and wants me to redirect my feed in wordpress podlove to my new podigee feed.

how is this possible? i have zero clue!

nb: i only found how to redirect from podcast to podlove (the thread about squarespace), so if there is a similar topic here => sorry

You can use the redirect setting in Publisher feed settings. If you plan on deactivating the Podlove Publisher plugin, you need to set the redirect in your server config, outside of WordPress.

In the expert settings there is a tab “forwarding” where i can define source URL and target url and the forwarding method is 301. is it that what you mean?

thank you

This might work as well, but I meant the “Podlove > Podcast Feeds” settings.