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Hi podlove - I really like podlove and the great functionality. BUT - when I select “related episodes” the publisher does not save the related episodes. And they are therefore not shown either. What can I do? Is it a bug?

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What’s your setup?
You can gather a useful summary in Podlove → Help.

I’m having trouble with the Related Episodes module, as well. I can get mine to show (by using the [podlove-related-episodes] shortcode), but the related episodes that I choose for each individual episode is not saving properly. The odd thing is, I believe this issue is only happening after I started using the shortcode in the episode posts. I embed the shortcode in a Reusable Block (so that I don’t forget to use it). Is that the issue? I have 2 shows, one is an actual “show” in Podlove, and the other is the overall, default podcast. I only have the shortcode embedded in the Reusable Block of the secondary “show”, and it’s the only one having this issue. If it’s not the Reusable Block, is it the “show” that’s the issue?

Here is my setup, that I think Joey was looking for:

PHP Version                7.4.20
WordPress Version          5.7.2
WordPress Theme            Button 2 v2.1.5
Active Plugins             
           - Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.9
           - Eazy Enable Blogroll v1.0.2
           - Jetpack v9.8.1
           - Podlove Podcast Publisher v3.5.4
           - Podlove Web Player v5.4.13
           - Post Type Switcher v3.2.1
           - SG Optimizer v5.8.1
           - Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM v4.1.3
           - WordPress Popular Posts v5.3.5
WordPress Database Charset utf8
WordPress Database Collate 
Publisher Version          3.5.4
Publisher Database Version 151
Web Player Version         player_v5
Monolog Version            1
open_basedir               ok
curl Version               7.66.0
iconv                      available
simplexml                  ok
max_execution_time         120
upload_max_filesize        256M
memory_limit               768M
permalinks                 ok (/%postname%/)
podlove_permalinks         ok
podcast_settings           ok
web_player                 ok
podlove_cache              on
  - mp3    audio/mpeg
cron                       ok
duplicate_guids            ok

0 errors
0 notices
Nice, Everything looks fine!