Release 2.0.0

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You want to know more about who listens to your podcast? We got you covered.

We spent months of research and prototyping to find a reliable way of tracking. We are confident that our approach works and produces trustworthy data. If you have not done so yet, you have to activate tracking in Expert Settings -> Tracking.

If you are interested in all the technical details, head over to

But what you are seeing now is just the beginning. We have a plethora of ideas on how to give you even more insight into the data available. Stay tuned!

We are curious what you think about the current analytics interface? What do you love? What do you hate? What do you miss? Head over to our new community site and share your thoughts:


  • fix: use home_url() instead of site_url() to generate tracking URLs
  • fix: tracking export does not get stuck forever when it fails once
  • fix: disappearing podcast description settings
  • fix: add function to repair button that removes duplicate episode entries
  • fix: template editor does not forget changes if you reselect a template after changing it
  • fix: improve uninstall routine
  • fix: wrong month when choosing Auphonic productions
  • fix: deactivate Jetpack’s OpenGraph when the Publisher OpenGraph module is active

Other Changes

  • add services: miiverse, prezi

  • add missing services via repair button

  • Bitlove: add <bitlove:guid> to RSS feed and use this to identify files

  • moved episode GUID regeneration into separate metabox because it’s rarely required

  • always check media files when opening an episode edit page

  • move podcast cover art from media tab to description tab

  • Improved feed settings

    • check for missing and duplicate slugs
    • check for missing asset assignment
    • show prominent warning for detected problems
    • provide contextual help to better understand what’s required and why

Removed Functionality

  • removed module “Auphonic Production Data”
  • removed the following shortcodes (use Template Tags instead)
    • [podlove-episode-subtitle]
    • [podlove-episode-summary]
    • [podlove-episode-slug]
    • [podlove-episode-duration]
    • [podlove-episode-chapters]
    • [podlove-episode field="..."]
    • [podlove-podcast field="..."]
    • [podlove-show field="..."]
    • [podlove-podcast-license]
    • [podlove-episode-license]
    • [podlove-contributors] (use [podlove-episode-contributor-list] instead)
    • [podlove-contributor-list] (use [podlove-episode-contributor-list] instead)
  • removed the following template tags
    • {{ contributor.publicemail }} (use social module instead)
    • {{ license.html }} (use {% include '@core/license.twig' %} instead)

Kudos to the Team for an excellent release. Updated and activated, that´s a nice present for valentines day.



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Works like a charm for after replacing some template tags (10 minutes of work).
And though I have this relatively complex LOST numbers display using a custom filter for sorting and stuff for each episode and in the archive.

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I moved a post to a new topic: Quality of Tracking Data