Release 2.0.4

  • fix: missing flattr attribute for contributors
  • fix: subscribe button description is properly wrapped in p-tags
  • fix: faulty valid file if check returns “unreachable” but includes a Content-Length header
  • fix: more thoughtful handling of ETags when validating files prevents failing updates
  • fix: “NaN” analytics should display properly now
  • fix: off-by-one display in analytics
  • fix: don’t HTML-encode quotes in episode title/subtitle/summary since it leads to invalid feeds
  • add to the services list
  • add support for RSS channel image tag

Hi Eric,

I have trouble updating to 2.0.4.
I’m getting a 504 Gateway Time-out after clicking the update link.

I waited some days to try updating other plugins. And they do.
I suppose if there would be a problem with the update server, others would have reported this.
But could it be possible that there is high load or somthing wrong since Friday?

Kind regards,


I just ran the update successfully on a clients website.
The plugin distribution is out of my hands. If the problem doesn’t disappear, you can go here, download the files and upload via sFTP.

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