Release 2.2.0

Image Caching, Resizing & Retina Support

We now take better control of podcast images, episode images, contributor avatars and our own social icons.
We are able to resize them to ideal sizes, which results in faster page load times for your users. Retina
for higher-resolution displays are also supported. We do this automatically, so all you need to do
is click update, lean back and enjoy.

Read all the details in our blog post “Podlove Publisher 2.2: Say hello to image caching”

This update increases the WordPress requirement from 3.0 to 3.5 (due to the required image editing functionality).


  • fix: duplicate feed discovery
  • fix: ignore incomplete feed configurations
  • fix: don’t include network admin module css in frontend
  • fix: dashboard episode edit links
  • fix: when deleting WordPress Network sites, trigger plugin uninstall to remove database tables
  • fix: web player flash fallback
  • fix: network templates now also appear in the template widget and template auto-insert setting
  • fix: issue where some database tables were not created
  • fix: podcast covers are displayed in frontend admin menu bar
  • show Twig template errors in dashboard log
  • web player template tag can set tracking context: episode.player({context: 'landing-page'})
  • add episode.categories template tag


  • deprecated episode.imageUrl, use episode.image instead
  • deprecated episode.imageUrlWithFallback, use episode.image({fallback: true}) instead
  • deprecated podcast.imageUrl, use podcast.image instead
  • deprecated service.logoUrl, use service.image instead
  • deprecated contributor.avatar, use contributor.image instead

While you are changing these, consider scaling them down appropriately. Your images are probably huge but in many cases you don’t need the full size. So instead of episode.image or episode.image.url, specify a size, like this episode.image.url({width: 200}).



I just updated the Publisher and I noticed that at Podlove --> Modules the date for the next asset validation is January 1st 1970. I also can’t save any changes on this page, because the “save changes” button lacks.

I used the repair button at Podlove --> Support to clear the cache but that didn’t solve the problem. Is this a bug of the Publisher or just a problem with my installation?

And I have another question concerning the image caching: The episode image within the web player does not get resized at his point, right?

There’s a bug in the ADN announcement preview that stops rendering of the site. Will be patched soon.

We pass a resized image to the player. It should be 200x200.

Ah, I see! Thank you :slight_smile:

The asset validation issue will also be addressed in 2.2.1

Hi, I’m using

  • podlove publisher 2.1.3 with
  • wordpress 3.8.2 and
  • php 5.5.25.

After update to podlove publisher 2.1.4 all my wordpress admin pages were broken. Every time I got the same blank landing page: Sth like

I had to do a complete rollback to 2.1.3. I tried again but same problem.

Sorry to hear that. Do you have access to the PHP error log? Sounds like the script died and that should be visible in the log.

Yes, I found the log file. I uploaded an extract here: ppupdate_214_php_error.pdf (11.6 KB)

There’s sth wrong with method wpdb::esc_like().

Ah, well, it’s only available since WordPress 4.0.
I will rewrite it in the next patch.

ok, so I will wait with my update. Thanks for help :wink:

Why don’t you just update to the latest WordPress version? Old versions do not get security updates.

Oh I will do so. It’s my homework for the weekend :smirk:

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